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  • Asset Management (Service Plan)

    Nova Mobile Systems Asset Management solution lets you View real-timelocation of vehicles, driver information and vehicle behavior with livetracking, ideal for companies with service, delivery, sales, field teamsand fleet vehicles. Users can analyze key...

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  • Fleet Management

    Nova Mobile Systems Fleet Management system allows companiesto minimize the risks associated with vehicle management byimproving efficiency, productivity and reducing their over alltransportation and staff costs while providing 100% compliancewith...

  • Fluid & Fuel Tank Monitoring Solution

    NMS Wireless fuel tank monitoring lets you check fluidlevels in multiple tanks, across multiple sites, all fromyour computer or smartphone for real-time access todata you can use to reduce your costs, improve yourefficiency and expand your customer base...

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  • Generator Monitoring

    Start saving effort, time and money with a fully automatedsolution that provides 24/7 monitoring, location tracking andreal-time alerts for the most critical conditions of your PowerGenerators. The Nova Remote Monitoring System (RMS) actively...

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  • Heavy Equipment Monitoring

    While you’re focusing on your business, Nova Mobile Systems is gathering location and PTO data and crunching the numbers. We make it easy to see usage reports so you can identify trends in your operations. Track your...

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  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery Solution

    Nova Mobile Systems Stolen Vehicle Recovery solution enables dealerships and lenders to track the location, movement, and status of high-risk vehicle collateral in real-time, making recovery and repossession of delinquent assets faster, easier, and...

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  • Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

    Our temperature monitoring system delivers convenient, real-timetemperature data right to your desktop or mobile device. Know exactlywhen trailer temperatures drop below or rise above your predeterminedpoints so you can take action the moment your cargo...

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